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ioLight microscope design wins award

ioLight is pleased to announce that our design partners at Cambridge Industrial Design have won a European Product Design Award for their creative work on the ioLight microscope. Thanks to Tim, Alex and Adrian for your hard work. The microscope is a thing of great beauty as well as its impressive functionality! Full details here

ioLight wins grant to develop low-cost fluorescence microscope

ioLight is delighted to announce that today we have learnt that we have been awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop a Low-cost Fluorescence Microscope prototype and trial it with customers. The total project value is £88,994 which will be 70% funded by Innovate UK. Fluorescence microscopes are used every day in biochemistry, medical research […]

ioLight microscope used to investigate animal parasites in lab

What are the effects of animal parasites? All animals carry parasites, such as intestinal worms (or helminths). The parasites cause several diseases including gastritis and enteritis, which prevent the animal putting on weight. Some pathological parasites can even kill livestock. The cost of parasites to farmers is large. The Animal Health drugs market is reported […]

ioLight portable microscope used in cancer research

Cancer Research at Birmingham University Birmingham University is ranked third in the UK for biosciences and has many great research projects including the cancer research of Dr Farhat Khanim with Prof Chris bunce. Yesterday at the School of Bioscience, Dr Khanim tested the ioLight portable microscope for use in her work trialling potential cancer therapies […]

ioLight launches new pocket microscope with wider field of view

Please support our crowdfunding campaign at www.crowdcube.com/iolight ioLight are pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the portable microscope to complement the original version. The original pocket microscope has a field of view (width of the area viewed by the microscope) of 1 mm, and resolution of 1 micron. This delivers superb quality […]

Zooming in on the winner of an ioLight portable microscope

Laboratory News recently ran a competition to win an ioLight portable microscope by identifying three laboratory quality images taken with our digitally connected iPhone pocket microscope. The images were published in three successive issues of the magazine and the competition winner was revealed last week. If you want to learn more about the microscope there […]

Micro-plastic particles in cosmetics cause pollution

Micro-plastic particles are often in the news. These particles, much less that 1mm in size, are now proving to be just as much of a problem for marine wild life than ‘traditional’ pollution caused by large plastic items (bags, bottles etc). Unfortunately this new pollution is invisible and you need a field microscope, such as […]

Bayer takes delivery of 10 ioLight microscopes

ioLight is delighted to announce that Bayer plc has purchased 10 microscopes for its Practice Support Advisors. These veterinary nurses carry the compact ioLight microscopes in their bags. They are always ready to show customers how much damage parasites can do to pets and farm animals unless they are properly treated with Advocate®, Baycox® and […]

Rock in a surprising place

Yesterday we demonstrated the ioLight field microscope at The University of Oxford’s Earth Sciences department. Owen Green (also fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, @RoyalMicroSoc ) had some fantastic rock samples to test the ioLight pocket microscope with, including this rather exciting one. We took the above image with the ioLight pocket microscope. The image is 1mm […]