Microscopy and Analysis features ioLight

Microscopy and Analysis, the well respected professional magazine, recently featured an editorial on the ioLight microscope. Microscopy and Analysis is the leading international journal for microscopists, with over 46,000 subscribers and 120,000 readers worldwide.

Microscopy and Analysis says

“UK-based start up, ioLight, has launched what is described as the first high resolution pocket digital microscope.

According to the company, the instrument displays beautiful images on an iPad for sharing and pasting into reports.
For the first time scientists of all ages can capture and share professional quality images in the field instead of bringing samples back to the lab.”

First ioLight portable microscopes dispatched

Today ioLight dispatched the first batch portable microscopes.

14th July 2016 is a momentous day for ioLight as the culmination of three years of painstaking product development and manufacturing planning. For the first time students and scientists can achieve 1 micron resolution from a pocket microscope. That’s one thousandth of a millimeter!

The ioLight Microscope App displays beautiful high resolution images on an iPad and saves images and videos onto the camera roll for sharing and pasting into documents. No wonder that the first batch of ioLight microscopes has already been sold to a wide range of users including teachers; universities; electronics companies; bio-engineering experts and vets. More are being built in our manufacturing facilities in Hampshire UK.

Founder Andrew Monk says “Richard and I are delighted to see microscopes coming off the production line into packing boxes at last. The trial units have performed well with customers for 6 months and we are looking forward to seeing their images and videos from the production units.”

ioLight reached finals of UK Business Angels Association award

UK Business Angels Association announces that ioLight has is an Award Finalist for its prestigious “Best Equity Crowdfunded & Angel Investment Award”

The UKBAA awards celebrate the achievement and impact of the UK Angel investment communities and their role in backing the UK’s most exciting high growth businesses

Now in their 11th year, the annual UK Angel Investment Awards recognise the high growth and success of the UK’s fastest growing brands, acknowledging the angels, crowdfund and early stage venture capital investors supporting them from start-up to scale-up.

The competition highlights the role played by the investors, the growth potential of ioLight as well as the impact the funding has had on the company in terms of supporting its plans to achieve high growth going forward. This award is sponsored by the Isle of Man Government.


ioLight launches the first professional quality pocket digital microscope


Today UK start up ioLight Limited launches the first high resolution pocket digital microscope. The instrument displays beautiful images on an iPad for sharing and pasting into reports. For the first time scientists of all ages can capture and share professional quality images in the field instead of bringing samples back to the lab.

Conventional microscopes work best on a lab bench, but are too big, sensitive and unstable for field use and they need power, a camera and a computer to capture images. They are also expensive. Field microscopes compromise on image quality and are fiddly to use.

The ioLight microscope fits in a jacket pocket, is simple to use and robust. It unfolds quickly to record and share 5MP still images and real time HD video at a magnification of x200 on an iPad Air. The resolution is 1 micron, that’s 1/1,000 mm – powerful enough to see the structure of plant and animal cells. The product uses standard microscope slides and features adjustable top and bottom illumination for use on both biological and opaque samples. It is particularly good for live samples, which deteriorate on the journey back to the lab, and it works anywhere, even without a WiFi or mobile phone network.

Founders Richard Williams and Andrew Monk have used their experience of optical engineering to reconfigure low cost mobile phone parts into a compact and flexible device and file worldwide patent applications.

Andrew says, “It takes just a couple of minutes to get a great image on the microscope, anywhere from a river bank to a factory floor. This makes microscopy simpler for everyone, from experienced professionals to student scientists and drives public engagement with science.”

This simplicity of use in the field and classroom makes the ioLight microscope ideal for a wide range of applications such as field science, education and outreach, animal medicine, micro engineering, site surveys, customer support and any other application where portability and ease of use must not compromise image quality.

The ioLight microscope can be ordered now from iolight.co.uk.

For further information visit iolight.co.uk or email Andrew Monk at andrew.monk@iolight.co.uk.

Crowdcube Collaboration: ioLight and The Eden Project


Crowdcube blog on ioLight collaborations

ioLight features in Crowdcube news once again as the UK’s leading funding platform blogs on ioLight’s collaboration with The Eden Project. Both ioLight and The Eden Project had successful funding rounds on Crowdcube, with ioLight raising 161% of its target in November 2015 and The Eden Project raising £1.5M in a Crowdcube Bond. The blog shows the huge range of organisations funded on the Crowdcube platform and that #Fundedclub members collaborate on more than finance.

The blog also describes ioLight’s developing profile with Science and Discovery Centres such as the Museum of Science and Industry.

Crowdcube blog on ioLight collaborations

ioLight helps in the fight against cancer

Thanks to Dan Siegel, Clinical Professor of Dermatology and skin cancer expert at SUNY Downstate, New York for sending us these slides. Dan says “Good quality images of Basal cell carcinoma. It looks like you are on to something!”

As ioLight starts to identify target markets for the Magnificent Mobile Microscope, this image demonstrates how we can help in the fight against Cancer.

The low cost, portability and ease of capturing and sharing images will provide a useful tool for fast detection of carcinomas in the clinic. Just as importantly, ioLight will help the clinician to explain the condition to the patient and to communicate with colleagues.

ioLight is now testing prototype manufacturing microscopes with customers and we are getting significant interest in the product across several vertical markets. Production is fast approaching – watch out for news of product launch soon.

ioLight announces partnership with Custom Interconnect and an exhibition this week!

ioLight is delighted to announce our partnership with electronics manufacturer Custom Interconnect Limited (CIL) and to invite you to see the ioLight microscope in action on the CIL stand at Southern Manufacturing this week.

CIL will manufacture ioLight’s electronics and help us with final assembly, test and shipping. CIL was selected above the competition for its proven track record for the manufacture of electronics, and vision systems across a wide range of business sectors, including medical and homeland security.

Chris Heal, Sales Director at CIL, said “We are looking forward to working with ioLight to manufacture a robust and reliable microscope for use in any application. We have already used ioLight’s microscope to generate these great images of some of our microscopic products.”

ioLight will be demonstrating the microscope from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th January on CIL’s stand at Southern Manufacturing 2016 in Farnborough.

Please contact us to book a personal demonstration.

Andrew Monk

Founder, ioLight Limited

07773 427816


Chris Heal

Sales Director, Custom Interconnect Limited

01264 726145


ioLight microscope live in Manchester on 21st and 22nd January

ioLight has been invited by the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester this week on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January to demonstrate our Magnificent Mobile Microscope.

The two days are targeted at school visits and we are looking forward to seeing our latest prototypes in the hands of young scientists visiting the museum. The museum is also open to the public and we would very much welcome visits from other friends of the company. Come and see amazing images like this beautiful lacewing and live videos of protozoa and algae too.

ioLight has filed a patent application for the world’s first truly portable high resolution microscope. It displays clear images and videos of individual cells and other subjects onto the screen of an iPad – so no more squinting through eyepieces at a blurry mess. Instead we will show you how the instrument resolves details just 1 micron across – that’s a thousandth of a millimetre! Images and videos can be shared from the iPad using social media or pasted into reports, homework or Nobel Prize winning research reports.

The ioLight microscope will be on sale to science labs and museums later this year and then we will work on a low cost version for schools and families.

This is the first time that we have had microscopes that look like the production units that we will launch later this year. It is also the first time that we will be demonstrating wireless connection and image capture on an iPad.
We look forward to meeting you and showing you our progress. It would be helpful if you could let us know you are coming, so we can make sure that we are available.