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Laboratory microscopes produce beautiful images, but cost over £3,000 and are difficult to use. Cheap microscopes do not have enough resolution for professional use or teaching. ioLight has invented a portable microscope, with a resolution of better than 1μm, which produces beautiful pictures of animal and plant cells and displays them directly onto your tablet or mobile phone.


High resolution
Great images on your iPad
Simply portable
Professional features

Company Video

Product Demonstration

Multiple markets and industries

The many users of the ioLight microscope

Science Labs

  • Take it anywhere that your research takes you
  • Low enough cost for each scientist to have his or her own personal microscope
  • No booking or set up time, just keep it in your desk drawer
  • High definition images and videos straight from your iPad (soon phone) to your report


  • Great images of plant and animal cells clearly visible to all
  • The teacher sees the same as the student
  • Capture images for projects and homework
  • Project images onto the classroom whiteboard
  • Great for field trips

Discovery Centres & Museums

  • Cost effective method of displaying microscopic images and videos
  • Simple to use, focus on the sample not the microscope
  • No risk of cross infection from conjunctivitis – great for young children
  • Public can download app and take home their own image or video

Field Work

  • Go anywhere: you just need a tablet and, if you like, some slides and cover slips
  • Fits comfortably in a rucksack pocket or camera bag
  • Self contained robust unit, no stand, no wires
  • Hours of battery time, or use a USB power bank for even more!
  • Great for veterinary use, or as a sales tool to show off the minute details of your product

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