The ioLight Magnificent Mobile Microscope


Malignant melanoma courtesy of UK pathology lab

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Sage leaf showing characteristic hairs

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Head Louse - see it dance in our video gallery!

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Through plated circuit board hole 0.5mm in diameter

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Spider's web with sticky glue blobs to trap insects


Onion skin with art effects

Portable Microscope – High Resolution

The ioLight portable microscope has a resolution of 1 micron and built in illumination from both above and below the sample. A glass sample stage allows for samples up to 35mm thick, or samples mounted on standard microscope slides. Despite all these professional features, the microscope folds flat and fits in a jacket pocket or desk draw. The rechargeable battery lasts for several hours of active use and many hours on standby. Images are displayed on an iPad, or you can try our new beta iPhone app to make this a go-anywhere high resolution microscope – the Magnificent Mobile Microscope!


Try the new beta iPhone app to make a high resolution, portable iPhone microscope

There are many uses for the ioLight digital microscope:
  • In the field – the ioLight is the first high resolution, field microscope, perfect for botany, agriculture, pond dipping, aquaculture, marine science and host of other situations
  • In labs it enables ‘Smart Science’ rather than expensive science – since it is low cost and digital you can have multiple microscopes on one experiment, or leave it recording data for days at a time, or put the microscope inside the experiment, for example inside incubators.
  • In schools it provides beautiful pictures of micro-beasts and plant cells, either on field trips or directly to a large screen in the class room
  • In education it is the perfect tool for out-reach programs, to display samples via a projector in the lecture theatre, or for field trips
  • In industry it enables manufacturers of micro products to show their products to their customers in industries such as electronics, MEMS,  materials, sensors, filtration etc
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Great images on your iPad
Pocket Microscope
Professional features

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The many users of the ioLight digital microscope

Science Labs

  • Take it anywhere that your research takes you
  • Low enough cost for each scientist to have his or her own personal microscope
  • No booking or set up time, just keep it in your desk drawer, or leave it in the experiment
  • High resolution images and HD videos straight from your iPad or iPhone to your report


  • Great digital images of plant and animal cells clearly visible to all
  • The teacher sees the same as the student
  • Capture images for projects and homework
  • Project images onto the classroom whiteboard
  • Pocket microscope – Great for field trips

Discovery Centres & Museums

  • Cost effective digital microscope giving high resolution images and videos
  • Simple to use, focus on the sample not the microscope
  • No risk of cross infection from conjunctivitis – great for young children
  • Public can download app and take home their own digital image or video via WiFi

Field Work

  • Go anywhere: you just need a tablet and, if you like, some slides and cover slips
  • Fits comfortably in a rucksack pocket or camera bag
  • Self contained robust unit, no stand, no wires
  • Hours of battery time, or use a USB power bank for even more!
  • Great for veterinary use, or as a sales tool to show off the minute details of your product

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