New Forest Equine Vets use ioLight for worming at the stable

Vets use parasite testing at the yard to save money and protect horses

ioLight helps vets protect horses from parasites

New Forest Equine Vets use the ioLight microscope to diagnose worms in horses at the yard

New Forest Equine Vets are using the ioLight portable high resolution microscope to offer horse owners an on site worming service. Parasites like red worm and tapeworm are becoming increasingly resistant to drugs. If animals are not treated correctly the parasite eggs build up in the pasture and can spread rapidly. It is therefore important that owners get expert advice on worming. New Forest Equine Vets is the only practice in the area to be fully staffed by Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Advanced Practitioners in Equine Practice.

The ioLight microscope easily fits into a vet’s bag, yet still provides enough resolution to count the parasite eggs in faecal samples collected from stables. This allows the vets to manage the burden of parasites in the pasture by treating each animal with the correct worming regime.

ioLight launched the microscope in summer 2016 and has already sold it widely to animal health applications including sheep, cattle and fish. The image is delivered over a wireless link to a tablet and can easily be saved to client records or shared for expert opinion. The portability and robustness of the system makes it ideal for veterinary use. It is also very quick easy to use. ioLight has sold the product to Cambridge University, The Eden Project, The Medical Research Council and Bayer plc as well as vets.

ioLight offers a 30 day free return service to allow vets to try the product. Full specification and ordering details may be found in the ioLight web store. Contact us at for more information.

Competition winner explains how he uses field microscope

Field microscope prize winner, Adrian Rogers

In February, Adrian Rogers won an ioLight field microscope in a competition run by Lab News. Adrian correctly identified all 3 microscopic images to win the competition. That’s not easy since when viewed through a microscope, even very familiar objects look nothing like they normally do. Adrian has a great Twitter feed  on which he explains his exploits with the ioLight microscope. So when I had to go to the North West I was really excited to meet Adrian and find out why he likes the ioLight portable microscope  and what he has been doing with it.

Adrian works at Romer Labs  on food testing and has been using the microscope both in the lab at work and at home for pleasure. He uses the microscope with his iPhone making it a highly portable setup that he can easily pop into his bag and take anywhere. The microscope produces its images directly onto the iPhone, so the pictures are very easy for Adrian to post onto his Twitter feed.

In the video below Adrian explains why he has been using the ioLight microscope in his work at Romer Labs.

It is really fantastic that the person who won the microscope loves using it so much at work and play! Well done Adrian for winning the competition and thanks very much for sharing so many lovely microscopic images.