Field Microscopy

At ioLight we are very proud of our field microscope that is an industry innovation first. However, microscopy is a huge field that requires the use of different kinds of microscope depending on the research or technical requirement. Microscopy is the official term for the use of a microscope as a speciality or discipline and the field has three main strands: electron, optical and scanning probe. Here we take a brief look at these different branches.

Electron Microscopy:

This type of microscopy involves the use of a large, often expensive microscope that sits in a lab or

similar designed area. Although used mainly in biological research of cells and other micro-organisms. electron microscopes are increasingly being used within engineering and industry.

Optical Microscopy:

This is the form of microscopy that we are all most familiar with which uses lenses to magnify tiny images. There are many types of optical microscope; simple, compound, inverted and digital. Iolight’s field microscope it off the optical kind and was created with field microscopy in mind.

Scanning Probe Microscopy:

A relatively new type of microscopy that began life in the early 1980s. This field of microscopy does not involve lenses, rather its uses a physical probe that scans an area back and forth. The probe is linked to a computer that gathers data which is used to create a detailed image of the surface.