ioLight joins the Royal Veterinary College in CSI investigation

Royal Veterinary College calls ioLight for back up in CSI probe

ioLight has pleasure in inviting you to the Royal Institution, London, on Wednesday 11th October to see the Royal Veterinary College’s evening of Animal CSI: What, how, when?

pocket microscope

ioLight pocket microscope

The world renowned Royal Veterinary College will be using the ioLight microscope to help present the fascinating story of veterinary pathology.

Dive into the world of veterinary pathology for an evening of mystery and intrigue, including a live-streamed dissection from the Royal Veterinary College’s laboratory and hands-on experiments and activities. Please note that due to the graphic nature of dissection, this event is suggested for ages 16+.

ioLight’s Co-Founder Richard Williams will be there to demonstrate the microscope. We would like to thank The Royal Institution and the Royal Veterinary College for the opportunity to present our microscope at this wonderful event.

The ioLight portable microscope has a similar resolution to lab microscopes, but it folds to fit in a jacket pocket or vet’s bag. Beautiful 1 micron resolution images and HD videos appear on your tablet or phone for simple sharing to the evidence dossier. At last vets and CSI forensic agents can carry out their work in the field rather than waste time and risk contaminating evidence by taking it back to the lab. The microscope is also perfect for teaching and outreach because everybody sees the same image on the screen, which gets discussions going. The ioLight microscope is now compatible with iOS and Android devices, so it is ready to get to the truth anywhere.

Friends of ioLight can find full details and get a 30% discount on ticket prices using the discount code ROYALVETCOLLEGE at Eventbrite. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday evening.


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