Bayer takes delivery of 10 ioLight microscopes

Bayer uses ioLight microscopes

Bayer takes delivery of ioLight microscopes

ioLight is delighted to announce that Bayer plc has purchased 10 microscopes for its Practice Support Advisors.

These veterinary nurses carry the compact ioLight compact microscopes in their bags. They are always ready to show customers how much damage parasites can do to pets and farm animals unless they are properly treated with Advocate®, Baycox® and other company products. Armed with the ioLight microscopes the team can show vets parasites such as Angiostrongylus vasorum and Eimeria bovis, which can make precious pets or valuable livestock seriously ill.

Christopher Chick, National Sales, Key Account Manager says: “Using the ioLight microscope gives our customers a clear and immediate insight into how much damage these parasites can cause and how Bayer’s Animal Health products can prevent and treat these conditions.”

Andrew Monk, Founder of ioLight, met the team at Bayer’s Berkshire headquarters for a morning’s training. The Practice Support Advisors learned how to capture brilliantly clear images and videos on their tablets and smart phones and share them with colleagues. They even took pictures of their own cells showing off the laboratory grade resolution of the compact ioLight instrument.

ioLight invites all of our friends, customers and supporters to join the company by investing in our currently crowd funding campaign at

The investment round is open to anybody. Investing £7,500 wins a free microscope for a school of your choice, £3,000 gets A shares with voting rights and the average investment is about £1,000. £100 is a useful contribution and just £10 moves the ioLight pitch back to the top of Crowdcube’s Investment Opportunities Page, where it will get noticed. So nobody should invest more than they can afford.

Come and meet Andrew, Richard and the microscope in London on Thursday 23rd February. Details at

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