ioLight helps in the fight against cancer

Thanks to Dan Siegel, Clinical Professor of Dermatology and skin cancer expert at SUNY Downstate, New York for sending us these slides. Dan says “Good quality images of Basal cell carcinoma. It looks like you are on to something!”

As ioLight starts to identify target markets for the Magnificent Mobile Microscope, this image demonstrates how we can help in the fight against Cancer.

The low cost, portability and ease of capturing and sharing images will provide a useful tool for fast detection of carcinomas in the clinic. Just as importantly, ioLight will help the clinician to explain the condition to the patient and to communicate with colleagues.

ioLight is now testing prototype manufacturing microscopes with customers and we are getting significant interest in the product across several vertical markets. Production is fast approaching – watch out for news of product launch soon.

ioLight announces partnership with Custom Interconnect and an exhibition this week!

ioLight is delighted to announce our partnership with electronics manufacturer Custom Interconnect Limited (CIL) and to invite you to see the ioLight microscope in action on the CIL stand at Southern Manufacturing this week.

CIL will manufacture ioLight’s electronics and help us with final assembly, test and shipping. CIL was selected above the competition for its proven track record for the manufacture of electronics, and vision systems across a wide range of business sectors, including medical and homeland security.

Chris Heal, Sales Director at CIL, said “We are looking forward to working with ioLight to manufacture a robust and reliable microscope for use in any application. We have already used ioLight’s microscope to generate these great images of some of our microscopic products.”

ioLight will be demonstrating the microscope from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th January on CIL’s stand at Southern Manufacturing 2016 in Farnborough.

Please contact us to book a personal demonstration.

Andrew Monk

Founder, ioLight Limited

07773 427816

Chris Heal

Sales Director, Custom Interconnect Limited

01264 726145

The Eden Project endorses ioLight

The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world. Its visitor destination in Cornwall, UK, is nestled in an ex-china clay quarry. Massive conservatories housing the largest rainforest in captivity, stunning plants, exhibitions and stories serve as a backdrop to its Great Gardens, summer concerts and an exciting year-round family events programme.

Gabi Gilkes, Science Programme Manager at The Eden Project says “We were really excited when we got to play with the ioLight microscope. It really feels like it might be the future of personal microscopy and we are really looking forward to having it here as part of our program.”

We showed the ioLight microscope to the scientists and technicians at the Eden project and the room was soon full of application ideas:

  • Showing microscopic samples to visitors on TV monitors in the new Planet You the human microbiome exhibition
  • Displays for young children using the ioLight microscope will be easier to see and will overcome current issues with spreading conjunctivitis between children
  • The Eden Project carefully quarantines new plant stock to ensure that specimens are free of disease and parasites before they are introduced to the biomes.

When we asked what The Eden Project thought of the microscope they simply said “The ioLight microscope is Awesome!”