ioLight launches the first professional quality pocket digital microscope


Today UK start up ioLight Limited launches the first high resolution pocket digital microscope. The instrument displays beautiful images on an iPad for sharing and pasting into reports. For the first time scientists of all ages can capture and share professional quality images in the field instead of bringing samples back to the lab.

Conventional microscopes work best on a lab bench, but are too big, sensitive and unstable for field use and they need power, a camera and a computer to capture images. They are also expensive. Field microscopes compromise on image quality and are fiddly to use.

The ioLight microscope fits in a jacket pocket, is simple to use and robust. It unfolds quickly to record and share 5MP still images and real time HD video at a magnification of x200 on an iPad Air. The resolution is 1 micron, that’s 1/1,000 mm – powerful enough to see the structure of plant and animal cells. The product uses standard microscope slides and features adjustable top and bottom illumination for use on both biological and opaque samples. It is particularly good for live samples, which deteriorate on the journey back to the lab, and it works anywhere, even without a WiFi or mobile phone network.

Founders Richard Williams and Andrew Monk have used their experience of optical engineering to reconfigure low cost mobile phone parts into a compact and flexible device and file worldwide patent applications.

Andrew says, “It takes just a couple of minutes to get a great image on the microscope, anywhere from a river bank to a factory floor. This makes microscopy simpler for everyone, from experienced professionals to student scientists and drives public engagement with science.”

This simplicity of use in the field and classroom makes the ioLight microscope ideal for a wide range of applications such as field science, education and outreach, animal medicine, micro engineering, site surveys, customer support and any other application where portability and ease of use must not compromise image quality.

The ioLight microscope can be ordered now from

For further information visit or email Andrew Monk at

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  1. says:

    ” This is the sensor which records images of animal or plant tissues, and microbes, shown with a computer monitor screen via the computer’s USB port. On one hand, drawing improves and hones one’s creativity, which will improve other places in general associated with problem solving. Sure these microscopes are a little bit expensive however, if living cells study will be your field, it is advisable to buy one.

    • ioLight
      ioLight says:

      Thanks for your comment. The product is a complete microscope. All you need is your tablet or phone and the free ioLight app to record beautiful vedeos and 1 micron resolution images. The connection between the microscope and your phone is totally wireless, you don’t need a USB cable (except for charging at the end of the day). As you rightly say, the 1mm product is powerful enough to see living cells.


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