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Zooming in on the winner of an ioLight portable microscope

Laboratory News recently ran a competition to win an ioLight portable microscope by identifying three laboratory quality images taken with our digitally connected iPhone pocket microscope. The images were published in three successive issues of the magazine and the competition winner was revealed last week. If you want to learn more about the mobile laboratory […]

Micro-plastic particles in cosmetics cause pollution

Micro-plastic particles are often in the news. These particles, much less that 1mm in size, are now proving to be just as much of a problem for marine wild life than ‘traditional’ pollution caused by large plastic items (bags, bottles etc). Unfortunately this new pollution is invisible and you need a field microscope, such as […]

Bayer takes delivery of 10 ioLight microscopes

ioLight is delighted to announce that Bayer plc has purchased 10 microscopes for its Practice Support Advisors. These veterinary nurses carry the compact ioLight compact microscopes in their bags. They are always ready to show customers how much damage parasites can do to pets and farm animals unless they are properly treated with Advocate®, Baycox® […]

Rock in a surprising place

Yesterday we demonstrated the ioLight field microscope at The University of Oxford’s Earth Sciences department. Owen Green (also fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, @RoyalMicroSoc ) had some fantastic rock samples to test the ioLight pocket microscope with, including this rather exciting one. We took the above image with the ioLight pocket microscope. The image is 1mm […]

ioLight’s crowdfunding campaign gets of to a good start

  ioLight launched  a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube yesterday for their high resolution handheld USB digital microscope, and already the total has reached 12% (£32,210) of the total (£250k). A really big thank you to all those who have invested. If you would like to buy your own share of ioLight, please invest! Investments carry […]

Faecal egg counting with the ioLight microscope

Parasite infections are common in cattle, sheep, horses and chickens and other animals and cause both suffering to the animal and loss of revenue for farmers. In the past farmers have often treated parasites with routine use of antimicrobial drugs (antibiotics). However extensive use of antimicrobials is causing antimicrobial resistance to build in parasites, potentially […]

Pocket microscope images malaria in red blood cells

Malaria remains a major problem across large areas of the world.  Yen Chin, Viola Introini and Prof Pietro Cicuta working on Biological and Soft Systems at the Cavendish Lab, Cambridge University are studying the mechanical properties of red blood cells by using optical tweezers to manipulate cells. One of the uses of this work is […]

#TheVideoShow reviews the ioLight video

Great video, tiny microscope Every company needs a video! On a hot summer’s day in 2016 ioLight’s Andrew Monk went pond dipping in Whitchurch’s beautiful Millenium Meadow with Mark Harman of Red Book Productions. The result was ioLight’s Product Demonstration video, which shows Andrew using the ioLight pocket microscope in the field. A couple of months later, and […]

Eden Project endorses the world’s first portable high resolution microscope

The Eden Project uses the ioLight microscope to investigate plant disease ioLight is delighted to announce that the Eden Project is now a customer and using the ioLight pocket microscope in their study of plant disease and soil samples. Launched in 2016, the ioLight microscope is the first professional quality pocket digital microscope. It fits in a jacket […]